Video 1
QUANTUM Stargate Energy Meditation


In this video Alcazar guides a Stargate meditation in which you’ll experience your sensitivity heightening as you are surrounded by a 12th dimensional energy-field. You will then access an expanded, multi-dimensional, and very loving state of awareness, effortlessly.


Video 2
Alcazar's Wisdom on the Human Condition


In this video you’ll experience Alcazar responding to participants' questions during a recent Stargate Intensive.  Alcazar is a hilarious master of love,

wit, and wisdom and he reconnects us to

the truth we already know in our hearts.

Video 3
Living Your Superconsciousness


In this video Alcazar gives you a very specific description of your Superconsciousness: how

to access it, and how to understand and dissolve the limitations that are preventing you from

living it right now.



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