Free Stargate Phone-in AUDIO


The Stargate Experience Mediations By Phone


(The following is a USA phone number. International callers should use Skype or other inexpensive phone services)


Free Energy Meditations with Stargate Guardian, Alcazar, in your own home whenever you want, as often as you want. To listen to the recordings: Dial 1 (641) 715-3368, when you are asked for an access code, dial 131830 then #.


You will then be asked for a reference number, or told to press # for the most recent recording. The reference for the first Stargate conference will be 1; the second will be 2, etc. To date there are 23 The Stargate Experience Transmissions recorded.


It is suggested that you listen to the recordings more than once as the energy work will gently move you deeper each time. Then focus more on those that bring you a stronger response.


This is a free service created as a support for all who wish to use it.  Please share this information with friends that might enjoy these meditations.


“I enjoy the peace and sense of accomplishment that I feel during and after the transmission.” 

Maria, Rancho Palos Verdes