For the full experience listen to this channeling with eyes closed

and the intention to tune in to the energy coming through

both the words and the music by Robert Coxon!


We would like to share with you one channeling that happened on the 1st of January, which was accompanied by the live music of Robert Coxon.  We suggest when you listen to it you listen as if it is a meditation - close your eyes and feel the energies that are coming through both the music and Alcazar's words. 

For those people who would like to participate in the full experience of the New Year's Intensive, it will be available soon.  But first it is necessary to have completed the "Awakening of Humanity" webinar so that you are familiar with the energetics that were created then, which are built upon for the New Year's Intensive. 

We have had amazing responses from those people who have experienced "The Awakening of Humanity", but everyone who was here for New Year's recognized that the experience was way beyond anything that has come through Alcazar and the Stargate before! 

Life-changing new relationship with your body. 
Grand awareness of who you TRULY are. 
Experiencing of energies from two other Universes...

Happy New Year...  Happy New UNIVERSE!

With Love,
Prageet and Julieanne