Intimate Gatherings Mt. Shasta

Our Mount Shasta California Retreat

These gatherings are designed for an in-depth Stargate experience for a small group of 6-10 people over a period of 4-10 days. You will be living in a beautiful home and working with the Stargate team in their Mt. Shasta Center.


This Includes:

  • Daily Stargate meditations

  • Personal sessions with Prageet and the Stargate guide Alcazar

  • Personal sessions with Julieanne, Alcazar, and the Unicorns

  • Simple ancient yogic breathing techniques to clarify the mind and create pranic energy flow

  • Sessions with other local practitioners

  • Optional use of BEMER mat, (Click here to see video for more information).

  • Optional use of full spectrum Sunlighten sauna

  • Optional use of NeurOptimal neurofeedback brain training system


Intentions and Potentials

To create for each individual a tailor-made program that allows them to dissolve personal limitations, create clarity of purpose, strengthen intuition and connection to higher dimensions, and to discover their unique skills and abilities.


Understanding and clarifying relationship issues; dealing with situations such as sexual abuse, past-life trauma, physical dis-ease, intimacy, abundance issues, etc.


To connect with the energies of Mt. Shasta, the Inner-Earth city of Telos and the Ascended Masters.  To experience first-hand demonstrations of the Galactic Command (a gathering of benevolent beings from different Star Systems around our galaxy such as the Pleiadies, Arcturus, Sirius, etc.)


Working with the Ascended Masters, Star Families, and the Angelic and Nature Realms to raise the vibration of the individual and to re-activate dormant DNA on the multi-dimensional level.


To connect with the Nature of the Mountain with gentle walks and exploration of various power spots in the area.


Personal Investment for this Amazing Opportunity

The cost of this experience depends on the number of people and the length of time that you would like to spend with us. Prices vary from $200 a day per person plus accommodation.  (Accommodation will vary depending on the number in the group.)


You can create your own group of people or ask to be included in a gathering that we organize. If you create your own group, we will work with you on the dates and times that work best for you.


If you are looking for other people to share with, or would like to know more information contact: