Article in Jana Magazine, Slovenia

While in Slovenia sharing the Stargate work we had a magazine send a journalist to report on our workshop.

She came in a bit skeptical, but had her own amazing experiences with the Stargate, resulting in the following article, which our dear friend Branka has translated into English below.



Since the beginning of humanity, many of us have probably been wondering who we are and where we come from. What is our mission here on Earth? More and more people believe that our planet has always had more developed beings from other dimensions and galaxies who have helped us go through critical phases of our development. Some people say that they can communicate with these beings and channel their messages. This goes for Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conard from the USA. Last year they presented their Stargate into higher dimensions for the first time in Slovenia. In the fall they will have workshops and training for working with the Stargate. 


As they explained for Jana magazine, the Stargate is a doorway that enables our gifts to come out. "When we are in the Stargate energy field it works on all levels so our energy gets balanced. In a light and simple way this energy breaks down limiting thoughts and emotional barriers so the Stargate is one of the best tools for expanding consciousness," say Prageet and Julieanne.


In the physical form the Stargate is a structure created according to the principle of sacred geometry. The Stargate creates an amazing energy field within which spontaneous physical healing and deep inner transformation can occur. With the intention of the group of participants the Stargate increases vibration and starts to radiate the frequencies of higher dimensions. The participants naturally align with that vibration and easily raise their energy. They feel joy, transformation and the change in frequency. Prageet Harris explained that within this magical energy field he works with the spirit guides of the participants, with ascended masters, with Spirit. "The changes occur on different levels, some instantly, some in time. Stress, emotional issues and different mind obstacles simply disintegrate. People feel deep relaxation, joy and happiness. Soon we will be able to use the Stargate for instant healing also, but first we must of course melt down our illusions. Our mind finds it difficult to accept it but humanity is constantly developing. As you know it wasn't too long ago when people believed that the Earth was flat and the Sun orbited around the Earth."


The instructions and messages of spirit guide Alcazar


It was Prageet's spirit guide Alcazar who told him how to make the Stargate. Alcazar is the voice of some Universal Masters (enlightened spiritual beings who help humanity in our development and who incarnated on Earth at different times: some of the most known are Jesus, Buda, Mary Magdalene, Saint Germaine, Quan Yin). To his great surprise, Pageet started to channel Alcazar's messages from higher dimensions 25 years ago on the Hawaiian island of Maui. As he says, he was rather skeptical in the beginning but Alcazar showed him in different ways that the messages were real. 


Some events that occurred were very personal in nature so Prageet got convinced that this was not something he had only been imagining. In the beginning he helped his friends with his channeled messages. Later on other people started to attend his workshops and meditations also. After a few years Alcazar told him to introduce the Stargate to the world. In the invisible world, the Stargate holds an energy the purpose of which is the development of humanity and the planet. The ancients built Stargates around the globe but the church deactivated them in order to manipulate the people. Prageet says the time has now come for people to reclaim their power. So it is the job of people like him and Julieanne to reactivate the Stargates and connect them into a network. Julieanne was so thrilled with her first experience with the Stargate that she started to work with Prageet. "The Stargate energy touches your consciousness," she says, "and people experience different things. Many feel this energy very strongly as if it touched every cell of their body. Everyone's experience is different. Some people feel the presence of their guides for the first time, some people see different colors flashing in front of their eyes. The Stargate experience helps activate the potential that already exists within."


No special technique is required for the Stargate meditation, it is a process of relaxing and receiving. "If we open up, we can do everything with the support of the being from the other side of the veil. If we only sit and observe, nothing happens," say Prageet and Julieanne. 




Mateja Potocnik: "I am happy that I listened to my intuition and invited Prageet and Julieanne to Slovenia. There was a need for such a workshop here. In the Awakening Zone show Alcazar also said that the collective consciousness in Slovenia is high enough for it to happen. An excellent team of volunteers gathered in order to help with the organization, many of my friends and acquaintances  attended the workshop, two of them even came from the Canary Islands where they have been living for the last few years. I have a feeling this is just the beginning and we will keep getting together and supporting each other in raising our consciousness. Prageet and Julieanne also gave us support but I believe that in the future we will make the biggest shifts ourselves. I felt that I am strong enough - and I felt that with others, too - that I dare step forward and speak up."


Lidija Dordijoska: "I heard about the workshop from Mateja and because I am more open for energy now I decided to come even though I didn’t know what to expect. I am very happy that I came, this was a totally new experience for me. I am a bit tired but I feely really good. Also my cold disappeared instantly. I had never imagined I was going to channel but now I even learned that."


Primoz Golob: "I have attended many workshops but the energies were much stronger in this one. My experience working with the energy of the angelic realm, the masters and other beings was very positive, I got answers to some questions, my strong connection with Jesus and Mary Magdalene was confirmed. I had already felt strong energy of the Stargate on Haleakala, mountain on the island of Maui. The energies built up a few days before the workshop even to the point of pain but now I feel bliss. After this healing my whole body is more open for energy."


Anita Kejzar Skulj: "I heard about the Stargate for the first time when I listened to an interview with Prageet on the Internet. In the end he also had a meditation which was a more conscious experience of other dimensions for me. It stayed with me calling me to listen to the meditation a few more times and then I also attended the workshop. I wish to have a deeper connection with myself and beings from higher dimensions that wish to help us. Stargate seemed a good tool and an opportunity to feel the intelligence of other levels so that my capabilities can strengthen in this way. My experience after the Stargate is multidimensional. I am sure I am not aware of everything that changed yet but I can say that my head calmed down which is a good feeling. My inner stress was relieved, I feel more balance with myself, I feel more trust in me and in help that is really here for us and is not only in our imagination. In the workshop I got a confirmation that the beings of higher dimensions are really here, they help us and this is of key importance. It is much easier in life if you know you are not alone and you have support of "heaven." And you do not "

jump up" but you bring heaven here on Earth and it lives here through you."


Romana Steinbacher: "I decided to attend the workshop because I was so excited hearing the interview on the Internet. Just by listening I felt very strong energy and shifts in my body. Here now many inner changes occurred, I am more connected with myself, more focused. I was also excited about learning how to channel. I didn’t expect such deep changes in such an easy way. We all experienced bigger or smaller shifts in consciousness with ease."


Alenka Setina: "I came to the workshop because I listened to the interview published on the internet. I was attracted when Alcazar talked about allowing, accepting, an easy way... I know these things from the Crimson Circle already but I mainly came here for the channeling workshop. This workshop changes your life if you allow it and it happened to me. Now after the workshop my body is lighter, my mind is calm. I think this is very important as our mind constantly makes certain scenarios. If you don't quiet them down they run your life. I am much more aware of myself, I felt more strongly that we are not only human but we are also divine beings. I trust myself and my decisions more."


Danijel Trstenjak: "I came to the workshop because I wish to expand the boundaries of my awareness. I was mostly interested in how I can establish the connection with my higher self, I was also looking forward to channeling. Already in the beginning incredible things happened to me, I started to feel things I hadn't felt before, for example, the energy of the Earth, Angels, Ascended Masters, Star families. If I relaxed enough, I felt the difference between these energies, I could sense them as different levels of softness. I found this interesting, I understood nothing but I felt a lot happening, I felt some process occurring. In the space I could feel more awakening, stronger awareness, expanded consciousness. In moments the process didn't follow my expectations but my expectations had to follow the process. The moment I became aware of the games my ego played wanting to dominate my consciousness, was very precious. Life will show what I can do with all these gifts and capabilities that opened up in this workshop. But I am definitely making a decision to trust my life and I know it will bring me situations in which I will be able to see whether I learned something. I know I will be able to respond In a different way than I have so far. Maybe this will be nothing grand, it is important that I will be more loving to myself."


Sandra Lamut: "I decided to attend the Stargate workshop because I wish to raise my vibration all the time. My main goal in life is to expand my consciousness and this workshop is undoubtedly one of the ways. I felt it very strongly, many guides and star families came in already the first evening. It is very difficult to describe the state one experiences here, you have to have an experience.  It imprints into our memory, our cells, you can evoke it any time and this is precious. It gives you strength, trust in yourself, your every day life gets easier and better. You experience people and the world around you differently, you see where you can help others also see that there is so much more than what we were taught. Much knowledge is yet to be revealed and we carry most of it inside. If this knowledge comes out we can together create a much better life here on Earth. There are many beings that help our planet awaken: Ascended Masters who already lived on Earth and are now in different dimensions, our Star families - the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Hathors and others. We heard about them in the workshop and they were present. The Galactic Command is not science fiction, but really exists. I experienced all of this extremely strongly in the workshop. These indescribable energies expanded our consciousness but there is a lot of beauty and joy for us to experience.


The caption under the picture of Prageet:

Alcazar's message for Slovenia: "Beloved ones, it is time for you to become aware that you are much more than what you have lived so far. It is time for the awakening process to begin. We are here to support you and to help you."