Personal Sessions With Julieanne

Healer & Stargate Channeler

In 2012, Julieanne discovered that she has a special connection to the Stargate’s guide Alcazar, and he has asked her to bring through information for 

those who choose to have sessions with her. The reason for this is that she carries

an energy of the divine feminine, which can complement the energetics of Alcazar.

 She is also gifted to be chosen by the Unicorns – a highly intelligent race of beings who communicate through her with magical sounds. These musical communications bypass the mind, and touch your very essence. Expect some energetic work using the Stargate structure to elevate your own energy to bring joy and transformation into your life. The Four Sisters of Cassiopeia, a group consciousness from a galactic constellation, are also available to work with you in personal sessions with Julieanne. 

Your questions are important, for they open the door for Alcazar to share insights into your life. As you bring clarity and detail to your questions, this invites more specific answers.

Skype sessions cost $160 for about an hour. 


Occasionally in-person sessions are available for $200.