Personal Sessions With Prageet

Alcazar has suggested that Prageet offer individual sessions to provide the opportunity for greater clarity on personal challenges and life situations.

Often a broader perspective is given on what may be occurring on a conscious or unconscious level.


This clarity and perspective frequently allows an individual to release aspects of the past and take new action to create a more fulfilling life, more in alignment with their soul’s true purpose. We have also had feedback that individuals experiencing these sessions receive energetic support for the changes they choose, which can provide accelerated evolution.

It is strongly suggested that you spend some time to focus on what you really want to know; to create relevant questions that can be directed to Alcazar. He will then reply to your questions, sometimes using them as a starting point to speak about broader topics related to your life.


The more specific the questions asked, the more specific the answers received. You can ask questions on any topic related to yourself, but Alcazar will not answer questions about another person unless they are your young children.


Sessions last approximately one hour and very often will conclude with some energy work with the client inside the Stargate to receive a personalized energy infusion. The energy is to support, enhance, and integrate the movement that will have happened during the session.


It is also possible to have an individual session with Prageet and Alcazar over Skype.

Skype sessions with Prageet cost $200 for about an hour.