"Mom I'm growing up so I want my room to reflect this!"

Okay so my daughter 9 years old asked me to teach her how to meditate ~2 weeks ago.

So rather than teaching her the hard way that I learned how to meditate- breath work and clearing of the mind I  said


"great lets do this Stargate Meditation" (I purchased CD#3- entering the quantum self - I feel so much gratitude and love for the Masters of Xenon - I cry with appreciation nearly every meditation after I welcome them in) 


"…and if you fall asleep sweetie it's a perfect meditation for you."


So we did it she feel asleep then the next morning I asked her about her experience

She said "that was great - as soon as we asked for the Stargate to activate I felt my whole body vibrate - it's nice- I like it"


So we did it for 3 days straight- then on the next day she came home from school & then decided to organize her entire room.


I asked "so what motivated you with this idea sweetie?"


"Mom I'm growing up so I want my room to reflect this!" With a big smile…


I teared up with joy and thought over and over thank you bring me more! 


She is loving doing the Stargate mediations and bugs me every night to make sure that she gets it in before she falls asleep.


Last night we did the "I love myself" meditation and she loves it. This is fast tracking her growth I am in so much gratitude for you, Alcazar, and the Stargate experience."


...Note from The Stargate Experience...


Elixer and Anabella joined us for the webinar program "How to Live Your Superconsciousness in Your Daily Life", and asked a beautiful question:


"Dear Stargate, I love you.  I want to know everything you do.  Can I?"  




Watch Alcazar's Response:


Elixer sent us a video response from Anabella!  (Thanks Elixer and Anabella!)



Thanks for sharing with us, Elixer and Anabella!


With Love,

The Stargate Experience 


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