I am ready to begin this new spiritual adventure


If there’s one thing that changed my life, it’s the Stargate.


I had been meditating for several  years, when I had my first Stargate experience in 2014 in the Netherlands, where I live.


I felt how Mother Maria was with me and I know for sure I was touched at a deep level only by being present in the Stargate. Just like we were told, I had nothing to do.

And in doing nothing, everything changed for the better. 


Old issues were transformed into love and my connection with my heart, my intuition grew stronger and stronger.


Just by being silent and listening to my heart, I could hear my guidance. Sometimes it was easy to trust my inner guidance and sometimes it was hard. Now I know that the path of intuition is all about trust, having faith and taking one step at a time. 

Since my first Stargate experience, I have been listening to different Stargate audios 
regularly. And it’s really amazing to feel the power of the Stargate, just by sitting in front of my computer while listening to the audios on the website. 

Last November (2015) I participated in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) during a day with the 
Stargate experience.


The next day I got this message:


“We are here with you, we have been there the whole time. And we are here to assist you at your journey. Many lifetimes we have been working together and we have been looking forward for this moment in time….. We will work together like we did before, just wait and see……” 

When I heard about the webinar, "how to live your super consciousness in your daily life”, I felt I had to participate.  


Now I know why, because I got another message after the meditation.  

This time it was in English!! (and I am Dutch)

“Beloved one, we have been working together many lives, many times. And now is the time that we work together in this lifetime.  Now is the time.”

The next day my guides asked me this question: “Are you ready?”

And I answered: “What should I be ready for?”

“Are you ready to work with us? We have been waiting for this moment in time. Like we said before, we have been working time after time, many lifetimes. You don’t remember, do you? But we do!  And are you ready for a  new adventure? An spiritual adventure with 
means that you work with us and follow and trust your intuition? Are you ready?”

And now I am ready to begin this new spiritual adventure, not knowing where it will lead me. 


But trusting it, knowing that I am on the right path. It all has to do with becoming more and more conscious.


That’s how the Stargate has been working for me up till now and I am so very grateful for all of this.  Prageet and Julieanne thank you so much for your beautiful work!!!

Nicolette van Nieuwenhuizen,  the Netherlands

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