We followed our intuition and felt much more freedom inside us.


Our first Stargate experience happened through an online session with Alcazar in the beginning of the 

year 2014. It was a powerful and transformative experience for both of us, especially for Sandra, so 

she decided to be the co-organizer of the Stargate weekend for April 2014, when Prageet & Julieanne 

came to Slovenia for the first time.


Immediately after the Stargate Experience, we had instant manifestation experience. We were looking 

for a new place for living and got the house beyond our imagination. We were impressed and so 

started our journey with the Stargate even deeper!


In these first few sessions a new energy came into our lives and inevitable changes started to take 

course. With the Stargate experience we became more conscious about our programs and limitations 

and were energized to deal with them. We started to trust more. We knew that was just a beginning of 

our journey with the Stargate Experience and we were looking forward to work with the Stargate again 

as soon as possible.


So we decided to go to Mount Shasta in the summer of 2014 and participate in the 4 days intensives. 

This caused a major shift in our energy and brought a new courage and freedom into our 



Danijel started to create his own unique art expressions – elemental stone paintings, triggered by the presence of Mt. Shasta energy.​



Sandra supported this new path and developed new products and ideas, all under the new trademark »Connected«. She also continued to organize Stargate events for Slovenia. She feels a deep connection with the Stargate work.


Together with our good friend Branka we also participated in the Stargate facilitators training level 1 and 2 and are working together, to bring the Stargate experience to people in Slovenia.




Finally we decided to trust life even more and quit our regular jobs in the summer of 2015, not even 1 

year after the Stargate intensive in California! We followed our intuition and felt much more freedom 

inside us.  



Many changes happened also in our perception how we see and feel about ourselves as 

individuals. We changed, became more creative and satisfied and we even deepened our relationship. 


Now we follow our path of highest excitement and start to create a new life that we want to live. We 

are visiting the USA whenever we can, to meet all our friends there and continue to raise our 

consciousness which is our main life intention.


Thank you Prageet, Julieanne and Alcazar, we are grateful for The Stargate Experience!


Much Love,

Sandra & Danijel


---A Note from The Stargate Experience---


To view and feel more of the amazing Connected elemental stone paintings visit Sandra and Danijel's website http://connected.si/

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