Stargate Basics Training


For those people around the world who have been touched by The Stargate Experience and are drawn to learn how to share the Stargate work!


The intention of the Stargate Training is to attract heart-centered people from around the world who are deeply touched by the Stargate and wish to use the Stargate to develop themselves and accelerate their gifts to support the Stargate’s focus of rapidly uplifting human consciousness.


Upcoming Stargate Basics Training will be happening in: 

Mount Shasta, California

July 22nd - 26th, 2020


About The Stargate Training

“Beloved Ones we greet thee, 'tis Alcazar,


We wish to assist those individuals who are ready to move more into their creativity, power, intuition and abilities - to accelerate their process. Our intention is twofold – first to assist you in dissolving, with ease and grace, old conditionings that you have accepted from your parents, society, schools, that are limiting you. Secondly, to assist you to connect to your superconsciousness – your Quantum Self – in order to develop the innate skills and abilities that you already have; the skills and abilities that you can feel, and yet are not fully able to access. You know that you are more than you are living, but you are not sure how to bring it out. This is why we come to you. There are many who can benefit from you sharing your love, compassion, and skills.


As the power and the reach of the Stargate network extends around the world, it is important that those who are drawn to work with and share the Stargate energies are supported in developing their skills and making a deep connection with the consciousness of the Stargate grid system.


We are not looking for a large number of people. We are looking for those facilitators who are in line with the intention and purpose of the Stargate work.


The Stargates are a gift to humanity to support individual and planetary Ascension, and we are seeking those humble in nature and powerful in Spirit - receptive to guidance and willing to share out of love, respect, and honoring of all those who are drawn to receive from them.  


We are putting out the call.  


Are you one of those who can support the enlightenment of humankind?”   

- Alcazar












The Stargate Basics Training is for those currently working with people or considering the possibility of assisting others with the Stargate.


This training is designed to …

  • Develop your skills and confidence in using the Stargate to create a transformative environment

  • Use the Stargate to guide groups or to amplify your own current offerings


 We will be guiding you into the experiences:


  • How to activate your Stargate (either physical or etheric), and how to create a strong, high-vibrational energy field

  • How the Stargate energetic can amplify your own abilities

  • How to open your ability to channel

  • Of what the Superconsciousness is and how it can benefit you to bring more of your Superconsciousness into your awareness

  • How to work with both physical and etheric Stargates

  • Instruction and practice in how to invite multi-dimensional beings into the Stargate energy field


  • Activating The Stargate

  • Understand the power and importance of "intention and attention"

  • The importance of connecting to the Earth (Gaia)

  • Receive an explanation of multi-dimensional realities & the global Stargate Grid System

  • Learn about the consciousness of the Stargate and how it creates a quantum energy field

  • Receive a detailed explanation of how the high-vibrational energies of the Stargate raise the vibration of participants to re-awaken the multi-dimensional DNA


This training will help you to understand how the Stargate works to:


  • Dissolve past limitations & resolve emotional issues

  • Create balance within the body & energy fields

  • Deepen your connection to your intuition

  • Stimulate the awakening of dormant, multi-dimensional DNA to unlock skills and abilities from both past lives & other dimensional aspects of Self

  • Awaken subtle levels of perception

  • Enhance connectivity to the Innate (Body) Intelligence

  • Effortlessly enhance awareness


“All spiritual teachers and healers are aware that they are not “doing” the healing. They are simply the vehicle through which Spirit flows.” - Alcazar






















During this seminar we will be creating opportunities to deepen your abilities to both channel information from the beyond & create supportive, quantum energetic fields with your Stargate.



Working With Groups


  • Develop your facilitation skills

  • Ways to structure your events

  • How to introduce the Stargate to newcomers

  • Hear about common experiences of participants and the explanations of why these occur

  • The importance of group feedback in building a cohesive energy field

  • Bringing your own unique creativity, skill-set and life-experience to the Stargate work

  • How to create a topic/focus for your workshops; the balance between pre-planning and allowing it to unfold


Guiding Personal Sessions with the Stargate


  • Understanding how the Stargate can amplify the effectiveness of your sessions

  • Ways to use the Stargate during your sessions

  • What, if anything, do you tell your client?

  • How to frame questions to the guides in order to receive focused responses

      - Don’t ask prophetic questions

      - Don’t feel like you have to answer every question, don’t be afraid to say, “I don't                know”, or, “I’m not getting a response from the guides at the moment”

  • How to structure personal sessions

  • How to personalize meditations based on a client’s intention for the session

Alcazar And The Other Guides


  • Who is Alcazar?

  • Learn about the Alcazar group energies and their focus to assist in the awakening of humanity

  • Possibly discover new guides who are there to assist you with the Stargate work


Learning To Channel


  • An important part of this training is the connection to channel, as this will allow “fresh” information to come to you

  • We will be showing you Alcazar’s simple technique on how to channel




  • Understanding the many ways intuition can come to you and the importance of trusting your intuition

  • Intuition as the access point for other-dimensional communication

  • How the guides use your knowledge to express through you

Certification Process


Completing the basics training does not certify you as a Stargate Facilitator…


When an individual is ready and able to facilitate Stargate workshops, then we will offer to place their name, photo, website, and a short biography on The Stargate Experience website. It will be also be possible for them to purchase a large (2 meter) copper Stargate.



Agreement of Mutual Support & Recognition


All Stargate Facilitator’s recognized on The Stargate Experience website will be asked to sign an agreement of mutual support and recognition with Stargates International.  


We will inform Stargate Facilitators in advance when Prageet and/or Julieanne will be guiding events in your city and country.  We will then ask that you advertise these events on your website and to your client email list. We ask that you do not offer your Stargate events at the same times as Prageet and Julieanne.


Recognized Stargate Facilitators will have a permanent invitation to join most Stargates International events at a discounted rate of 50% of the regular ticket price for events organized by Stargates International. (This offer excludes further Stargate Trainings and events produced by other organizers unless otherwise stated.)


Recognized Stargate Facilitators will have access to 50% off personal sessions with Prageet or Julieanne.


All participants will have the option of purchasing the smaller (10 or 15 inch; 27cm or 38cm) Gold or Bronze Stargates at a discounted price.



Presence on The Stargate Experience Website


The Stargate Experience website has a page called Global Stargate Facilitators. This is a listing of all recognized Stargate Facilitators.


Visitors to our website will be strongly advised to only attend Stargate events that are guided by the officially recognized Stargate Facilitators.