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“I feel connected to my self. During the last days I have felt a lot of love, joy and happiness.
I like the feeling of being connected… It feels like coming home!”  
“My face feels younger, fresher, stress free, as if life’s agony or pain or stress has been taken out.”

“I can’t believe the difference since the workshop in my happiness and ability to deflect stress”

“The stargate has shifted something.  As I am now at a higher vibration I definitely am finding everyday things flowing VERY much more easily.”

“I have enjoyed the session with you and Alcazar, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians. I feel myself very cheerful and uplifted, as I feel I can handle everything. I do my meditations with the Arcturians every day and They make me so happy. I did love being with the big Stargate and with you. I will come again!”


“The stargate has shifted something.  As I am now at a higher vibration  I definitely am finding everyday things flowing VERY much more easily.”


"After my personal session and the Stargate workshop, my life is changed. I now meditate every day by listening to your audio meditations. I feel the vibrations are getting stronger and stronger. It feels so good."


"The influence of the home feeling that I experienced in the stargate is huge. I understand and feel the presence and meaning of specific, formerly unknown, energy in my body."


"I feel myself very cheerful and uplifted, and I feel I can handle everything. I do my meditations with the Arcturians every day and They make me so happy. I loved being with the big Stargate and with you."





"The energies that the Stargate brings are transporting, amazing and FUN!"


“I had a very strong connection to something more than myself. Physically felt better after just an evening session.” – Vivian Resendez Auburn, CA


“The sounds, the guided meditation along with the energies brought in by the Stargate all transpire to create an environment of safety and joy. Truly, there is nothing I have to do – I can travel where I want or nowhere at all – these energies are all for me – I can just bathe in them and I can have more and more and more. They are so healing. Thank you.”  – K Ewert


“Over the years I have participated in many & varied energetic experiences. Since I began the Stargate workshops & recorded meditations guides, masters & the angelics have been appearing. Working with these beings & energies is changing my life.” -- Larraine Jellison Auburn, CA


“It is now five days later and I am ecstatic! Physically, I feel better than I can recall in this lifetime, as the fear-body I had been living with for eons has faded into the distance.Emotionally I feel an excitement of positive expectancy…regarding what the future may bring. And the reason I feel such freedom is I intuitively know and trust that my life will now be more in harmony with what I consciously choose. Because my fears are no longer blocking “the Magic”! With gratitude and loving affection,” — Sandria Valente


“As you know, I have lost all feelings in my heart a long time ago. I just don’t feel my heart. I am now starting to realize that as a kid I felt my heart very loud and clearly. Anyway, after listening to the personal meditation that Alcazar did with me about three times I was able to feel my heart. My husband came home after visiting with my father and shared some challenges that my father was facing. I felt deeply for my father’s pain. It has been over 30 years since I felt my heart, felt it that strongly.” – Sharmela, NY


“Wonderful experience! Prageet, Alcazar and the Stargate bring in the energies to make change at a cellular level possible and quick. It’s like plugging into light itself! What am I saying is – it IS plugging into light! I want to thank you for doing what you do. I already feel the difference in the cohesiveness of my energy and a shift in my thinking; negativity slides right off! This is here at just the right time, of course.” – Katherine Davis


"There is almost a need to create new language to describe my Stargate experiences! There is profoundly a "change of state" in my beingness, much like ice becoming water becoming vapor ; it transforms into that which it already is, and still contains the essence of the rest. Stargate has given me an expanded ability to change my state of being, un-like anything that I have utilized up to this point. There is an awareness that each moment is a new beginning; and, there is more, much more, just for the asking."


A Special Testimonial from Sofia, Bulgaria


"For many people, the understanding that a geometric figure has consciousness with which we can communicate sounds unreal. But people who have felt magnetically drawn to practices with Stargate, that space technology, have long outgrown the old beliefs that we are alone in the universe. The possibility to communicate with other civilizations, at energy, vibrational and even visual level is reality. In the energies of this cosmic experience, one begins to feel their own multidimensional nature: to feel in a new way, to see in a new way, to hear in a new way. The consciousness begins to realize the new realities, to live new experiences. For the workshop participants - living our dreams - become reality. The spiritual practices till now were also aimed at linking our consciousness with the cosmic, but the meditations with Stargate are different from the familiar experience. They gave us the opportunity to identify the energies and messages of the various civilizations, to feel them, to fill up with their subtle vibrations, to experience new emotions of joy and unconditional love. The limitless love, tenderness and care of the dozens of cosmic entities that connect with us during the meditations transform each cell, each thought, each emotion. A man is pierced by love to the universe, but he needs a key to activate his Cosmic consciousness, to experience his endless potentials. Stargate gives this opportunity.


Today, many of our children demonstrate to us their "memories" of incarnations on other planets. Hundreds of cases have been described, but encapsulated in our school concepts for the world, we hardly admit that our children understand the universe better than us. The meditations with Stargate gave us the opportunity to experience, in a different way, our spiritual essence, to realize ourselves as a complex, multidimensional, cosmic entity; and, in this new self-awareness, to learn and after the seminar to live in the Unconditional Love that creates the universe.


For the courage to think differently, when others are afraid of rediscovering themselves, for having the courage to be open-minded when others are mistrustful, for the wisdom to follow ourselves, when others follow foreign ideas, for the happiness to be part of the universal family, when others believe that they are alone."


Julieanne, Prageet, Alcazar THANK YOU!



Sofia, Bulgaria

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