Welcome To The Stargate Project  

"A Channeling from the Stargate's Guide, Alcazar"

Your physical Stargates are anchors for consciousness held in the sacred geometry of the structure.


These consciousnesses create the Stargate grid around your world.  When an individual Stargate is active, it both receives energies from higher dimensions and the beings therein, and transmits these energies out into the rest of the Stargate grid. So all these structures are radiating similar energies simultaneously. As a group gathers with a Stargate, it activates with their intention. It is not an effort. It is simply a relaxed non-doing.


We always connect to the energies of the earth, Gaia, before this activation process so that all those present are well grounded and more present in their bodies. As the structure becomes active, a gentle yet profound energetic is radiated into the room, bathing all present in a way that allows their own frequencies, their own energetic field, to rise and become attuned to the higher Stargate frequencies.

It is then possible to increase the vibratory rate of the etheric Stargate (the consciousness of the structure). As this occurs, the etheric Stargate moves up through the dimensions. The energy fields of those present naturally continue to harmonize with these rising energetics.  When the 12th dimension is reached, a greater sensitivity is accomplished, and into this 12th dimensional field benevolent beings can be invited.


The purpose of the Stargate is both personal and planetary transformation. As it works with individuals, it affects the morphic field of humanity. This is measured and balanced by Gaia’s energy presence. The intent is to support individuals to know themselves. This occurs as multi-dimensional frequencies are radiated, touching dormant aspects of the many-stranded DNA’s within each individual. This encourages the re-awakening of parts of the DNA.


The process of re-remembering, of knowing Self, is to live the total awakened DNA presence. This is enlightenment. The DNA holds the key to who you are, who you have been, how your physical structure works – your part and purpose in the Universal scheme, and your ability to communicate directly with Spirit, or to be more correct, to manifest Spirit within Self.